Feast Gear

Family-Kits  |  Horn Utensils

Our feast gear is great for events of all sizes. Here, you will find single Mess-Kits for individual vikings. Each comes with a horn bowl, a horn spon, and a horn fork.

For those clans that travel in packs, have no worry, we also carry Family-Kits which have enough gear to feed a group of four or more. Our SCA customers love being able to hook their Mess-Kits to the side of their hip so they can prepare to eat as quickly as they can draw their sword; A great way to complete your costume while filling up on your favorite meal.

If you already have one of our kits and are just looking to pick up some extra Horn Utensils, stop by the utensils page and re-define the way you eat.

Bone Disc

Plain Mess-Kit

Mess-Kit with plain Leather and your choice of button


Studded Mess-Kit

Mess-Kit with studded leather and choice of button.


Pyramid Mess-Kit

Mess-Kit with pyramid studded leather and choice of button.


Tooled Mess-Kit

Mess-Kit with tooled leather.


Celtic Mess-Kit

Mess-Kit with celtic toolings worked int the leather

Created by Mike Esko Design