Custom Designs

Tell us what you want to see on your horn.

One of our most popular items as well as one of our favorite produts is the ability to add custom designs to the horn of your choice. We have done everything from pirate skulls-to Viking ships-to ivy and roses. If you can think of it, we can put it on a horn.

Please read before ordering...

Custom engraved drinking hornBecause of the nature of a custom design, it is much like a tattoo; Although a design may be large, the detail of it is what adds to the time it takes to create. The process of a large detailed horn will take approximately 8 weeks to finish (such as Joe's Horn), while a horn with 1-2 designs can usually be completed within 2 weeks. We require a down-payment of $50.00 for custom design, plus the purchase of your horn. This will allow us to start the work on the horn while we wait for the rest of the payment.

Please give us a basic idea of what design you would like and if you have a link to an image, feel free to include it with your order. After we review the image, we will contact you with the information regarding the final price and an approximate time of completion. The custom design WILL NOT BE STARTED UNTIL WE COMMUNICATE DETAILS to ensure we are both on the same page, and you are getting what you want.


Here are some samples of previous custom pieces that we have done.

Created by Mike Esko Design