Drinking Horns & Blow Horns

The Drinking Vessel of a True Viking!

Drinking horns from Valhalla Horns is a piece of quality art in your hand. Ranging in sizes from small to extra large, you can find a drinking horn for anybody! Not only will you be carrying your favorite drink in a "period" container, but you can have it customized in any fashion that you would like.

We offer many styles and sizes of drinking horns as seen below. The cuffs can be brown leather, black leather, or fur. We can accent both the cuff and the horn to your liking!. Depending on how much you like to drink depends on how big of a horn you will want to order. Our average horn sizes are as follows.

  • Small - 12 inches
  • Medium - 15 inches
  • Large - 20 inches
  • Extra Large - 26 inches

There are two types of Vikings; Thirsty Vikings, and Vikings with a Valhalla Horn!

Plain Black Cuff

A plain black leather cuff.

Plain Brown Cuff

A plain brown leather cuff.

Studded Black Cuff

Black Cuff with silver studs.

Studded Brown Cuff

Brown Cuffs with brass studs.

Black Pyramid Cuff

Black cuff with silver pyramid studs.

Brown Pyramid Cuff

Brown cuffs with brass pyramid studs.

Viking Horn

Viking horn with a fully sleeved, single cuff.

Plain Frog

Frogs hang and allow the horn to be slipped out for use

Studded Frogs

Studded leather frogs add style to your garb.

Created by Mike Esko Design