Custom Horns from Valhalla Horns

We can customize the horn that best fits your Viking spirit.

Our custom horns are what we love to do most, probably because each is made to fit the customers preference. Although each horn is a one of a kind piece, a horn customized to your discretion is made for you! With a variety of art forms, Valhalla Horns can present you with a horn truly fit for a Viking King! From etching and scrimshaw, to 3D engravings, and Tooled leather cuffs, anything is possible with time. Have a look at some of our previous custom pieces that have pleased our customers in the past. If you don't see your horn here and want it on the page, please feel free to send us pictures

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Toward the bottom you will notice that there are the different types of custom horns that we create. At the top, you can see some of our best horns from our proud customers. They gave us the idea and they gave us the time. In return we gave them a horn that reflects, and in some ways, goes beyond what they asked for.

3D Scrimshaw

Engraved Horn

Our most poplar designing style is the engraved horn. Turn a plain horn into a truly magnificent work of art with an engraved carving ov your choice. With each horn being a different size and shape, they also take the most time. We enjoy giving our Viking friends a horn that truly accents "Them". From a simple etching to a full depth 3D, and some times mixing both, you can get the most out of what each horn has to offer. Each engraved horn is a piece of art that accents the Viking inside of you!


Drakes Dragon

Leather toolings can be added to any horn with leather cuffs or a frog. Most horns come with leather cuffs but fur is available upon request. Not only can your leather be tooled on horns, but some tooling can also be done on the mess-kits. If you have an idea on a certain type of tooling that you would like, please feel free to let us know and we will do everything possible to give you the design you are requesting. Please contact us with a request on the type of tooling you would like to discuss price.


Scrimshawed Squirrel

Much like tattooing, scrimshaw is done with needle to penetrate the horn then ink is used to stain the design into the horn. Although scrimshaw does not show as much depth as a engraved horn, certain details can be added with scrimshaw that may appear to bulky if engraved. If you are interested in scrimshaw and are not sure if it would be good for the image you have in mind, feel free to ask.

Created by Mike Esko Design