About Valhalla Horns

Ralph a.k.a The Honorable Lord Valdimarr Thorebane, a.k.a Your local Viking

Ralphs interest in horn design stems from many places but the Rennaisance Faire is a good start. An interest in leather craft as well as working with pelts lead him to the realization that he could implement his imagination and his love for norse tradition onto horns of all types. He began engraving horns by hand for friends and family. Ralphs enjoyment and interest that he found within his creations lead him down the path of opening Valhalla Horns; Your one stop shop for all things Viking.

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About The Company

Valhalla Horns is the premier old-style craft company where you can find all of your horn needs. Valhalla Horns is an active member of the S.C.A, and a known vendor of north east Rennaisance Festivals. Beyond normal blowing and drinking horns, we also offer many items such as utensils, mugs & cups, and feast-kits for the whole family. With over 10 years of experience, we can customize any of our horn products to meet your liking.

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