Welcome to Valhalla Horns

Whether you are looking for a simple horn or something extravagant to brag about, we have the perfect horn for you.

One of our fine custom Horns.

At Valhalla Horns we pride ourselves in having the quality that our competitors try to have, but cannot obtain. We specialize in hand crafted horn art for medieval enthusiasts as well as collectors. Since 2004 we have been serving the Viking Community with some of the best quality horn products that the land has seen.

Our Viking horns and mead horns are made in old world style. Our products cover a vast variety of horn products. From blow horns and drinking horns to horn mugs, horn pendants, and even horn feast gear for the entire family; we have it all! Use our template designs to start designing your horn today, or even better, tell us your interests and we will design a horn completely tailored to your interests.

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As proud members, and merchants within the SCA we have grown to be the #1 horn merchant in the East Kingdom, and beyond. We carry complete horn feast gear for feasting events.

Not sure if a drinking horn is for you? Check out our Mugs, pendants, antler cork screws, and candle holders.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Custom horn page. With only 12 pieces made per year don’t forget to sign up for yours today.

Horn mug with Multi-color Scrimshaw. This horn was carved with a multi-layer 3D form. Horn carved completely through, showing a window through the braids. Greenman in an antler stand Engraved with chain and runes.
Created by Mike Esko Design